What We Do?

Primal Health Coaching is centered on ancestral health principles, a scientifically validated wellness plan that mimics that of our primal ancestors and supports our genetic evolutionary blueprint with real-food, low-carb eating, inspired movement and play, and stress-reduction and balance in all aspects of life.


As part of the ancestral health movement, nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle behavior program has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and counting.


Why the Primal Health Model?

Primal Health Coaching is the singular coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principles.

The context for this model, the acclaimed Primal Blueprint, supports maximum vitality and well-being through the timeless integration of strategies across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, sun, play and enrichment.primal-health-coach-square.jpg

The goal is straightforward even while the biological mechanisms are complex: normalize hormonal responses by adapting evolutionary patterns for modern day lifestyles and effecting desirable change in gene expression patterns toward optimum functioning.

The result is a reasonable plan that leaves plenty of room for individual design and preference. Know more : http://www.aprimallifestyle.com/

Evolving Consciousness

Health conscious consumers recognize the need for more guidance with their wellness choices, and more and more people are turning to health coaches for customized healthy weight loss plan  plans, nutrition know-how based on the science behind healthy food, and an overall health program for their individual needs and circumstances.


People are looking to Primal Health Coaches to devote time to their health needs and to nurture a client-coach relationship that cultivates lasting change and helps to prevent and treat chronic conditions. For more info visit : http://www.aprimallifestyle.com/

What Is a Primal Health Coach?

A health coach is a wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being. A Primal Health Coach stays ahead of the curve with an integrated approach, helping others create lives of maximum vitality using nutrition and fitness intelligence based on scientifically validated ancestral health principles.

The aim of the Primal Health Coach is to help clients extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from their lives by focusing on their values, needs, visions and goals in an extremely personalized way.


My extensive experience as a Professional Athlete and now being a Certified Primal Health Coach, plus my own story of how I have made it back, have provided me with a unique base and tools to help others reach their goals and restore Health – Balance and Happiness to their lives.

I am burning to help you reach your goals and become healthy and happy all around. Know more : http://www.aprimallifestyle.com/